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How to Negotiate: Reasons You Need To Be Relentless

Negotiation is a process whereby two or more parties resolve a conflict or reach an agreement. It is a skill that can be learned and perfected with practice. The key to successful negotiation is effective communication. This involves active listening, as well as the ability to express yourself clearly and assertively. It is also important […]

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How to Be A CEO: Tips to Help You Become Better

A CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, is the most senior corporate officer or administrator in charge of a company. Great CEOs have many qualities that set them apart from other leaders in their fields. They are typically strong communicators and have excellent negotiation skills. They also have a clear vision for their company and are […]

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Business Management from the Bottom Up…Not the Top Down

Business management from the bottom up is a business management style that focuses on empowering employees and giving them the tools they need to be successful. This approach encourages employees to take ownership of their work and take responsibility for their own performance. In addition, bottom-up business management provides opportunities for employees to share their […]

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Why Is An Up-To-Date Profit And Loss Statement Important?

Every business strives to make a profit, but what exactly is profit? In the most basic sense, profit is the difference between a company’s revenue and its expenses. Revenue is the money that comes in from sales, while expenses are the costs associated with running the business. When revenue is greater than expenses, the company […]

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