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Brian Will, Serial Entrepreneur & Industry Leading Business & Sales Management Consultant

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In this blog based on the The Dropout Multi-Millionaire Podcast, we're exploring the five critical keys to achieving lasting success in business. We’ll get into understanding the business aspects, identifying your role within your enterprise, mastering financial insights, and seeking guidance from mentors or coaches. You’ll also find out why success often hinges on continuous learning, staying humble, and being open to expert advice. Read on to learn the keys to a successful and thriving business!

Key #1 to Success in Business: Embrace Your Knowledge Gaps

One of the predominant culprits behind business failures is a lack of proficiency in the "business side" of the venture.

 While you may be an expert in your craft, whether it's plumbing, culinary arts, or any other specialty, this expertise doesn't automatically translate into knowing how to operate a thriving business. 

We must recognize the significance of acknowledging what we don't know and proactively seek support from mentors, coaches, or seasoned professionals who can illuminate the intricacies of running a successful business.

The bottom line here is: If you can’t do something well, either learn how to do it or hire someone who can!

Key #2:  Learn Your Personal Filter

If you find your business's growth falling short of expectations or profitability lagging, it's essential to understand that you might be the root cause. 

If your business isn’t doing as well as you hoped, you are probably not making the right decisions about how to grow and scale. If you've never built or scaled a business successfully before, you haven't been able to learn your personal filter.

How do you fix this? Once again, bring in a coach or mentor who can help you learn how to make the right decisions, and who can make decisions for you until that happens.

Key #3: Define Your Role in the Business

Understanding your role and strengths within your business is a pivotal step toward success in business. 

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe they can wear all the hats, from CEO to specialist, within their organization. 

You must conduct an honest self-assessment and identify where you need to recruit talent to bridge gaps in your skillset. Your ego should not hinder the formation of a team with complementary skills and expertise.

Additionally, trying to do everything if your business means your success is entirely reliant on you. If you run out of bandwidth, so will your business.

Key #4: Master Your Financial Numbers

The mastery of financials, particularly profit and loss statements (P&Ls), is paramount. 

It's astonishing how many business owners, from fledgling startups to substantial enterprises, overlook this critical aspect. Your P&L is akin to a crystal ball that can foretell your business's future.

Regularly collect and analyze your financial data to make informed decisions and prevent serious financial mishaps. This key is egregiously overlooked. How can you expect to achieve success in business in the future without knowing the numbers you’re doing right now?

Key #5: Collaborate with a Coach or Mentor

If you’re an entrepreneur, and especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, you must accept that you don’t know everything. But guess what? You don’t have to!

Seeking the advice of seasoned professionals can provide valuable insights and perspectives, contributing to better decision-making and success in business. Coaches or mentors can offer priceless insights and wisdom, enabling you to envision the bigger picture and make decisions that lead to triumph.


In conclusion, these five keys to success in business serve as an indispensable guide for both novices and seasoned entrepreneurs. Mastery of the "business side" of your enterprise, development of your personal filter, self-awareness of your role, vigilant financial management, and openness to coaching are all integral parts of attaining prosperity while circumventing the pitfalls that prevent business success. Take these lessons to heart and carve your path toward a prosperous business journey!

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