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Brian delivers these memorable keynotes in an easy to understand and thought-provoking way. His style of teaching incorporates decades of personal teaching experience.  All of this, along with a touch of humor, makes for highly impactful workshops and corporate trainings that are certain to elevate results for all who participate.
The 5 Keys to Success in Business
There are 5 Keys I have found that are critical to success in business. In this 50 minute presentation, I break those keys down using real life examples of both successes and failures. The audience should walk away with actionable steps they can take to avoid these potential pitfalls.
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Psychology of Sales & Negotiations
Master sales people know how to use human nature and psychology when they are talking to clients about their products and services. In this 50 minute presentation we will talk about overcoming objections BEFORE the client has them... including the FIRST objection that trips up most salespeople that don't understand it.
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The Past is not the Future
Too many people struggle with the idea that their past... or even their present... is limiting them. In this 50 minute presentation, Brian talks about his past life of abuse, health issues, bad credit and business failures. Your audience will walk away with the understanding that their future is in their hands and all things can be overcome.
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Time Travel - Predicting Your Business Future
One of the most important things every CEO/Entrepreneur needs to understand is their numbers. In this 50 minute presentation Brian walks the audience through an example of pattern recognition using historical P&L analysis. This exercise will show them how to identify and track their core metrics. This tracking will then theoretically give them the ability to time travel into the future of their business, to predict the results of the decision they are making today.
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