About Brian

  • Fractional COO/CSO
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • 2X Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author
  • 2X TEDx Speaker
  • 10X Startups
  • 3X Exits
  • Podcast Host 
  • Business Consultant and Coach


I'm Brian Will

I am Brian Will, a serial entrepreneur, a two-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and a leading consultant in business and sales management. Throughout my dynamic career, I have had the privilege of founding or co-founding ten companies across four distinct industries, with valuations soaring over half a billion dollars at their height. My journey has been marked by spearheading turnarounds for diverse companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, guiding them to generate billions in sales.

My diverse experience has equipped me with an in-depth understanding of agile methodologies and principles, allowing me to teach and implement these strategies effectively across all levels of an organization, from eager development teams to discerning executive boards.

In my current ventures, I am proud to be at the helm of a flourishing chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area and managing a robust portfolio of residential and commercial real estate across Georgia and Florida. In addition to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I am dedicated to serving my community as a member of the city council in my beloved hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia.

My Mission

My mission is to work with Entrepreneurs to better understand how to track and manage the core metrics of the business and their sales teams to maximize efficiencies and profits.

My Vision

My vision is to build a community of Entrepreneurs that are working together to build worldwide relationships that help everyone build stronger companies

My Goals

The goal is to teach Entrepreneurs how to be Ambitiously Lazy. We do this by creating systems and processes that generate maximum profit with minimum personal effort.

Why I Do It

I do what I do because I see Entrepreneurs making the same mistakes over and over. These mistakes generally fall into two categories... Finance and Sales. On the finance side it’s usually an operational issue with managing data, core metrics, historical trends and proper goal planning. On the sales side it is usually learning how to manage and optimize their sales and distribution strategies by harnessing The Psychology of Sales, consumer behavior, and sales data.

My approach involves identifying the challenges and opportunities, understanding and teaching agile processes from the ground up, and articulating their implications across all levels of an organization. This holistic view enables me to work closely with companies to boost revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline sales processes, driving substantial business growth and success.

For small to medium-sized business owners who often struggle to access resources for growth, my 35 years of seasoned expertise in business operations, strategy, and leadership becomes a beacon of guidance. Through one-on-one and team coaching sessions, I offer these owners the support they need to pinpoint improvement areas and craft tailored strategies to meet their objectives. And it's not just about overcoming hurdles; it's about equipping businesses with comprehensive solutions in marketing, sales, operations, and finance to ensure consistent growth.

Moreover, my interactive speaking engagements aim to provide actionable insights and motivate audiences, transforming any event into a memorable experience. By partnering with me, associations and franchises can deliver more than just a keynote; they can ignite a lasting transformation.

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