Disrupting the Pattern with Jahmaal Marshall

In this episode, Brian is joined by Jahmaal Marshall, a successful entrepreneur and consultant who transitioned from a corporate career to building his counseling and consulting business, Listen Then Speak. Jahmaal shares the pivotal moments and mentors who guided him on his journey, emphasizing the importance of recognizing one's true calling and developing business acumen. Listen in as he recounts how unexpected opportunities, such as being invited onto podcasts and receiving support from mentors and peers, propelled him forward in his entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Together, Jahmaal and Brian discuss how to help executive leaders and entrepreneurs break free from negative patterns and gain clarity in their personal and professional lives. You’ll get insights into the connection between mental and physical health and the importance of disrupting negative patterns and fostering holistic well-being. Jahmaal’s story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their passion, overcome challenges, and thrive in both life and business.

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Listen Then Speak Website: https://listenthenspeak.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jahmaalmarshall 

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