Failure Is NOT the Key to Success

In this episode of the Dropout Multi Millionaire Podcast, we’re talking about failure, and how learning from failure will ultimately lead to your success. We’ll challenge the “fail, fail, fail” mentality that online business gurus preach, and get into creating a failure analysis that actually helps you learn from your mistakes and move forward into success. You’ll also learn about developing your personal success filter, and the 100 lessons that every entrepreneur or business owner must go through in order to find success. Listen in for important insights on success and failure!


And we are back welcome to the Dropout Multi-Millionaire Podcast. I'm your host, Brian Will, and today we are going to talk about failure. Now I love this topic of failure, because as you've probably heard, the root of all success is failure. The challenge is that most people don't really understand the point of failing.

I hear gurus all the time. Talk about, you know, fail, fail, fail. The faster you fail, the closer you are to success. And I got to be honest, I call bullshit on that. Failure does not. Lead to success. Failure does absolutely not lead to success. Okay. Failure leads to failure. Now you're sitting here saying, hold, hold on a minute, Brian.

You just said a second ago that failure is the root of all success. And that is true. It's the root of success, but it is not the failure that is going to lead you to the ultimate success. Here's the key. It is learning from the failure that is going to make the difference in your business. And quite frankly, in your life, learning from failure is how you move forward, not the failing part.

I talk a lot about your personal filter in my books, and your personal filter is developed through success and failure over time. Your personal filter is what makes decisions for you in your subconscious, behind your active thinking. Your subconscious, your personal filter, is developed by the successes and failures you have over time.

If all you ever do is fail, then all you will ever know how to do. So your job as a business person, or in your job at work, or quite frankly, in any area that you want to get better at is when you fail to do a post failure analysis, a post failure analysis simply says, Hey, this is what went wrong. How can I not do that again?

Quite frankly, we also do post success analysis, but in this case, I want you to do a post failure analysis. Every time something goes wrong, figure out what you did wrong, and then don't do that again. That's called learning from failure. Now, how does this relate to business? You know, uh, I talk a lot about people who are either starting or scaling their business.

And I also talk about this ladder. I call it the hundred steps to success. Wherever you are now, wherever you want to go, there are a set of failures or lessons that you are going to have to learn. And you're going to have to go through all of them, and that's just the way it is. How much you have to go through, however, depends on you. I don't know where you started.

If you had money and a good education and the right parents and people helping you, you might get to start at lesson 50 on the scale of 100 lessons. If you had nothing, like me, my first book was called How to Start a Business with No Money, No Education, and No Clue. I started at zero. I had to go through all of them. Anybody can succeed as long as you're willing to go through every single lesson necessary, every single failure necessary, to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

In my case, I had a lot of lessons to learn. But the key was, I kept pushing. I went through every single one of them until I figured it out. Alright? You can cry and whine about how many lessons you need to learn, and why it's not fair, and why somebody else succeeded faster than you. And at the end of the day, that is all irrelevant.

Your success and failure will be dependent on how many lessons you have to learn, how many failures you have to go through, and how many times you don't quit, learn the lesson, do the post failure analysis, and move on. Okay? What did you do wrong? Don't make that mistake again.

Here's how you can skip some of those lessons. You want to skip some of those hundred lessons? You're at zero, you want to jump to fifty, or you're at fifty, you want to jump to a hundred? It's really easy. Here's what you need to do. You need to find somebody who has been there and done that. Somebody who has had the success that you're looking to have.

And you need to bring them in as a coach or a mentor, and let them help you. Let them show you the mistakes you're about to make. Let them steer you in the right direction. Alright? Let them tell you what you're about to do wrong. And then don't do that. Now, part of this is going to be putting your ego aside.

Part of this is that entrepreneurial ego that says, Hey, I'm the entrepreneur. I have to be right. I have to have all the answers. I can't look like I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm not going to take advice from anybody. I'm not going to listen. And that is the fastest way. for you to have to go through every single one of those lessons.

Alright? You've got to put your ego aside. You've got to bring somebody in who can help you. You've got to find somebody that has been there, done that, that will show you the mistakes you're about to make, so that you don't have to make them. Then, the next time that situation comes up, You just don't make that mistake again.

Now that doesn't mean you're not going to make any mistakes again. You'll probably make mistake after mistake, after mistake, you're going to have to learn lesson after lesson, after lesson, but if you keep learning and not doing that again, eventually your success filter will kick in. Your business will take off.

Things will start to rock and roll and you will make a lot of money. That's when everything's going to click. That's when it's going to work, and that's how you succeed. Don't buy into this fail, fail, fail thing. That's not the key. It's fail, learn, fail, learn, fail, learn. And then succeed. That's how you become successful.

So that's it for today. If you want more information, you could find everything at my website, There's also a free intro masterclass to my sales course called the psychology of sales and negotiation. If you go to the website and enter the coupon code sales, S A L E S, sales, you can get that course for free.

Check it out. If you have any questions, leave me a message on the website and hope you guys come back for the next episode. And remember. You have to be in the game to win the game.

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