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Brian Will, Serial Entrepreneur & Industry Leading Business & Sales Management Consultant

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In this blog based on the The Dropout Multi-Millionaire Podcast, we're providing the guidelines to overcoming objections in sales. While objections can often feel like insurmountable barriers, we’ll equip you with the essential strategies and techniques to not only identify objections but also to shatter them and propel your sales pitch to new heights. Read on to learn the art of conquering objections and become a master in sales persuasion.

The Problem with Conventional Approaches

This is a very common scenario: at a sales training program, a renowned trainer pulls a participant from the audience and challenges them to overcome objections for a sales pitch on the spot.

Sounds like a great way to sharpen sales skills, right? Not quite. 

This approach is fundamentally flawed, as it places the salesperson at an unfair disadvantage. The selected participant has no opportunity to present their product or address objections properly, creating a less-than-ideal learning experience. 

The Flawed Timing of Objection Handling

The core issue with the previous approach is its timing. 

Addressing objections should not occur at the end of a sales pitch. By that point, you have probably already lost your prospective customer’s interest, engagement, and trust. 

Instead, take a more proactive approach: identifying and addressing objections earlier in the sales process- before you even start your pitch!

Identifying and Overcoming Common Objections

Most products and services encounter a finite set of objections consistently.

 Think about your own sales experiences—do you often hear the same four or five objections? 

These objections can be identified, categorized, and addressed systematically by building a script or process into your pitch.

The Primary Objection: Trust

The cornerstone of overcoming objections is understanding the primary objection: the fear and mistrust everyone feels toward salespeople. It's not about your personal likability or character, but rather a common fear of being sold.

People don’t want to be sold something they don’t want, something that’s a higher price than they could find elsewhere. They are ready for you to lie to them, omit details about your product, and work your sales magic to get them to do something they don’t really want to do. 

This fear of the unknown and potential deception is a significant barrier in your sales process.

The Big 5 of Trust Building

To become a master closer and a champion at overcoming objections, you must address the trust issue and create a connection with your clients. We refer to this as the "Big 5" of trust building.

People like to buy from:

  1. People they like
  2. People they trust
  3. People who are professional
  4. People who they believe are looking out for their best interests
  5. People who they have a connection with 

Now that you know what makes people want to buy from you, how do you build out a script that executes the Big 5? 

For a more detailed description of the psychology of sales and overcoming objections, check out Brian’s best-selling book, NO... The Psychology of Sales and Negotiations 

Breaking Through the Wall of Mistrust

To tackle the primary objection, what we call the “wall of mistrust”, a well-crafted script is invaluable. 

The script must clarify the sales process, set clear expectations, and assure potential clients that they won't be pressured into a decision.

Action for Trust-Building

Once a client agrees to proceed, it's imperative to deliver on the promises outlined in your script. 

By asking questions, making recommendations, discussing pricing, and allowing the client to decide, you build trust and maintain credibility consistently throughout the sales process.


In this article, we've explored a unique perspective on overcoming objections in sales. By addressing objections early, focusing on trust building, and using a well-crafted script, you can significantly enhance your success as a sales professional. Trust, likability, and addressing objections at the right time are the cornerstones of effective salesmanship. Focus on building out a sales pitch that tackles all of these topics, and watch your success rate skyrocket! 

If you’re ready to break free from the status quo and join the ranks of the mavericks, the rebels, and the renegades who refuse to conform and instead build multi-million dollar businesses, subscribe to The Dropout Multi-Millionaire Podcast wherever you choose to listen!

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