Unlocking Sales Potential: Navigating Questions and Objections

In this episode of the Dropout Multi-Millionaire Podcast, Brian Will explores the art of navigating sales psychology. Learn how to overcome objections before they even arise by asking the right questions. Discover the common objections and how to tackle them head-on. Plus, grab a coupon code for a free one-hour Masterclass in Sales Psychology from Brian's website. Don't miss this essential episode for sales success!


And we are back with the Dropout Multimillionaire Podcast. I am your host, Brian Will. And as always, this podcast is based on my wall street journal and USA today, bestselling books, The Dropout Multimillionaire and No, The Psychology of Sales and Negotiation. And by the way, stay tuned at the end of this episode today.

I'm going to give you a coupon code to get a free copy of my masterclass in psychology of sales. It's on my website. It's a one hour, four module course, and I'm giving it away to you today for free, just for listening. And so today we're actually going to talk about sales, or more specifically, the psychology of sales, one of my favorite subjects.

And the questions are, how do you make more money? How do you make more sales? How do you increase your close ratios? When I wrote my last book, The Psychology of Sales and Negotiation, I wanted to really focus on the mental part of sales, and not the cheesy sales lines or the sales tricks. Honestly, it's because I hate cheesy sales lines and I hate salesmen who use them.

I don't like high pressure sales tactics. I don't think they work. They are generally designed to get people to do something that they don't actually want to do. And if I have to pressure you into buying something that you don't really want to buy, Then you will probably end up regretting the purchase.

You will have negative reactions towards me, and that just sucks. I would much rather find out what you're looking for and if what I have to offer fits that need. And if it does, everybody wins. If it doesn't, then let's both move on. So how do you do that? How do you find out if what you're looking for and what I have are a good fit?

It's really simple. And when I say this, half the people listening are going to say, Well, of course everybody knows that that's too simple. What's the real secret Brian? And i'm gonna tell you this is the real secret And the secret is, it's about asking questions. It's about asking a lot of questions, and more specifically, it's about asking the right kinds of questions.

And here's what I mean. Our objective in the sales process is to overcome objections. Right? Everybody's heard that. We've got to overcome objections. And we've all been through classes about overcoming objections. And there's guys online, and they're big and huge, and they teach how to overcome objections.

And we know that the single biggest thing that's standing between you and closing that sale are probably the objections. So we take classes and we try to learn. But here's what everyone misses. The secret to overcoming those objections is to overcome them before the client has them. Not just overcome the objections, but overcome the objections before the client has them.

If you can over, if you can do that, if you can overcome that objection before the client has it, then guess what? They won't have the objection and your single biggest obstacle is gone. And so you're asking me now, so, well, how do we overcome an objection if they haven't had it yet? And that brings us back to my original secret.

We ask questions, but not just any questions. We ask the right questions and the right questions are based around what we call the common objections. I would venture to say that no matter what you're selling, you get the same objections to buying all the time. If you talk to 10 clients. Eight of them will probably give you the same objections, right?

You get them over and over. And I'm willing to bet that if you've been selling your product or service for very long, you have had those objections over and over, and you know what they are. So if you know what the objections are, can you write them down? I'm guessing there's probably four or five that you hear over and over.

So what are they? If you can tell me what those objections are, and if you can write them down, then I can build you a script around them. Using a very specific set of questions, the script and the questions if properly executed can bring those objections out upfront and allow you to get them out of the way before you get to the end of the sales process and before the client can raise them.

This is how we disarm a client and we do it upfront. Okay. As an example, a lot of those questions or objections you're getting are probably about what we call the why and the when. Why are they looking? Why are they shopping? Why are they shopping with you? Why didn't they buy from somebody else? Or, have you ever gotten through the presentation and the client says, Well, I'm not looking right now.

That's a win objection. Okay. How about I need to think about it? That is usually a win objection or a money issue that you didn't already handle. And then there, by the way, there's what I call the first objection. And this is a one nobody talks about, but it's so obvious when I tell you, you'll be like, Oh yeah, I knew that.

And the first objection is that you're a salesperson and people don't like salespeople. And it's not that they don't like them as much as they don't trust them, right? They don't trust that you're going to give them the best deal. They don't trust that you're going to give them the best price. They don't trust that everything you're telling them is true.

So if we know that's the very first objection and we know that client has that wall of mistrust up, what are you going to do to overcome that one? And you better overcome that one before you even get started trying to sell them. Otherwise you're fighting an uphill battle. This is the huge first objection.

And almost everybody misses it. All these issues and all the rest are handled by building proper scripting and questions. And if done right, we can disarm 80 percent of the client's objections before they have them. And you can get to your close and your sale much faster. If that makes sense. If you want to learn more, you already get it.

You're going to get a coupon here shortly for that one hour masterclass on my website. It's normally 199, but with a coupon code. And by the way, that coupon code is sales. If you put sales in where it says coupon code, you can get that class for free today. I want you to take the class. It goes over the four boxes in the sales process.

It gets into a lot more of what I've talked about today. It's a good class. You need to take it. So that's it for today. I appreciate you being with me on the dropout multi millionaire podcast. If you want more information or to get that class, go to my website. It's www.brianwillmedia.com or thedropoutmm.com.

And remember, you have to be in the game if you wanna win the game.

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