Side Hustle City - Overcoming Adversity

What happens when you pair an abusive childhood with a lack of formal education? For Brian Will, the answer was becoming a serial entrepreneur who has started seven successful companies across four different industries. In this captivating conversation, Brian takes us through his unconventional journey to entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of knowing who you are and hiring the right people to manage the tasks you're not good at. If you've ever thought that you need to reinvent the wheel to succeed in business, prepare to have your perspective changed.

In this episode, we break down Brian's five keys to business success, exploring the significance of understanding the numbers in your business and standing out in your industry. Additionally, we discuss the value of soft skills, such as managing a business, for long-term success. Prepare to learn why checking your ego is essential for entrepreneurs and how getting a business coach can help avoid mistakes, accelerate growth, and evaluate your business model.

Brian's experience and unconventional education have led him to write two books, "The Dropout Multi-Millionaire" and "No..." which have trained thousands of salespeople and agents. Discover the strategies he has used to make the books successful, and why he has decided to record the Audible version of The Dropout Multimillionaire himself. We also invite you to join our Side Hustle City community on Facebook, where like-minded entrepreneurs can share ideas, inspire each other, and push each other towards success. Don't miss this insightful episode with Brian Will – you'll walk away with valuable lessons and inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

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