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Brian Will is the Industry Expert in Sales and Management Consulting and a Bestselling Author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book The Dropout Multi-Millionaire. He is also a serial entrepreneur behind seven successful companies in four different industries over the last thirty-five years. Combined these companies were worth over half a billion dollars at their peak. Today, Brian runs tech and real estate companies from Denver to Georgia to Florida. He is also the owner of restaurant chains and he serves on the city council in his hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia. During the course of his career, Brian has done multiple turnaround projects and helped those organizations drive billions of dollars in sales.

Tune into our latest episode to find out how to establish a foundation for a new startup How to grow your business Increasing income and sales as a business owner.

Some Questions We Answer For You:

1. What are the most important lessons to keep in mind when starting a business?

2. Why do most businesses fail?

3. Should you rely on your own advice?

4. How can you build value in your business?

5. How does ego affect your success?

6. What does NO mean for your business?

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