UnderDog - Pamela Bardhi

In this episode of The Underdog Show Podcast, we feature Brian Will, a Serial Entrepreneur and leading Business and Sales Management Consultant. With a remarkable career spanning seven successful companies worth over half a billion dollars, Brian's expertise extends to turnarounds, driving billions in sales, and agile processes. He currently owns restaurants, and real estate businesses in Georgia and Florida, and serves on Alpharetta, Georgia's city council. Join us as we explore Brian's insights on entrepreneurship, sales management, and agile practices.

Pamela and Brian had a deep dive and one of the most inspiring episodes to date. Some of the highlights of the show are as follows:

Brian's inspiration on his journey, and why he calls himself the most unconventionally educated. The importance of mindset in successLessons learned in building a business, acquiring a business, and scaling a business What would Brian tell his younger self based on what he knows now?

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