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Authority Magazine

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Business or Startup

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Forbes magazine

15 Innovation Tips Big Businesses Can Learn From Small Businesses

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Disrupt Magazine

Brian Will – The Dropout Multimillionaire

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Brian Will Is: The Dropout Multimillionaire

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Express Wire

The Dropout Multimillionaire - Brian Will's Journey

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2023 Ahead: Proven Leadership Strategies from a Diverse Group of Business Owners

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Author Brian Will On How To Turn a Good Sales Team into a Great One

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Listen to My Podcast: The Dropout Multi-Millionaire

Where money-making motivation and perspective of investment often contradict, Brian Will offers unusual solutions with a passionate and outspoken tone.

About Brian Will

Brian is a Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Management Consultant specializing in advising public companies on how to optimize their sales and distribution strategies by analyzing market trends, consumer behavior and sales data to identify the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Brian’s multifaceted background gives him the ability to understand and teach agile processes and principles and articulate their implications from multiple perspectives. From the development team to the executive board, he works with companies to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline sales and distribution processes, ultimately driving business growth and success.
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